August 2014

Dear Friends in Christ,

    Greetings in the Name of the Lord! I have been at home resting from my recent trip to Romania and Holland. This Friday I begin a month-long ministry trip here in America to four states. 

    When I was in Romania, I took part in a prophetic school that my son and daughter-in-law held for their churches there. It was unique and has gone on for a month, non-stop, with various teachers. The Spirit of the Lord manifested Himself powerfully in revelatory teaching and deep operations of the Gifts of the Spirit. On one night, prayer and the manifest presence became so strong that no one wanted to go home. I also took part in a conference with Phil Rich, another prophetic ministry who comes from Oklahoma. This school has tremendous potential and I believe will be used internationally to produce powerful prophetic ministry. 

    After Romania, I flew to Holland and had a short but powerful time there. I haven't been in Holland for more than fifteen years but the Lord had spoken prophetically years ago that he would reopen the doors and truly did. A leader could not get out of his heart a message I had spoken, and God prompted him to find me! He did this through connecting with my son and daughter-in-law in Romania and getting my e-mail address from them. This was very meaningful to my heart as 43 years ago the Lord saved me in Holland. While in Holland many new doors opened as I ministered in three different churches in the Rotterdam/Amsterdam area. God's anointing broke many yokes and many received prophetic ministry. God willing, I will be back in both countries in either late October or early November.

    I want to thank you for your faithful intercession and the relationship we have with you. Many things are accelerating in my life and ministry and I know this is because of the faithfulness of the Lord and the prayers of God's people. When I was recently in Holland, in the midst of all the darkness I sensed great, great destiny in that land. As we walk together in the Spirit, God's mighty destiny for our lives and ministry will come forth as His kingdom is revealed in and through us. 

    We are in very challenging times worldwide and the needs of people are almost supernatural, but great grace comes when the enemy tries to stop God's plan. These are not days to retreat but, like David, run and take out the giants!!! The Holy Spirit will anoint us to move in the power of God to destroy Satan's kingdom and see multitudes come to Christ and God's church become glorious.

    If there is anything we can do to serve or help you in any way please be in touch. Do check out my Facebook page, "Prophetic Foundations." It is done in both Russian and English.

    Over and out with a shout!

    Yours in the faith,
    Bill Norton, G.H.S.