Russia & Romania (June 2014)

Dear Friends in Christ,

    Greetings in the Name of the Lord! I have just returned from a month in Russia and Romania. The Lord blessed beyond words by displaying His grace and power. 

    When I first arrived in Samara, Russia, at 3:30 a.m. it looked like disaster in the making. I was made to step out of line and a steel door literally descended and blocked me to isolate me and keep me contained with an official standing next to me. But God had preplanned my "redemption": a Russian girl from Canada had spoken to me out of the blue on the bus which drove us to the terminal and God used her to translate on my behalf. The custom official ended up stamping my passport and apologizing for my delay. That never happens in Russia!!! I then was driven through what remained of the night to one of my beloved cities in Russia, Syzran. We had three wonderful days off, resting and in fellowship with the leaders and then had a powerful, four-day conference, where people were saved, the prophetic flowed, and one night the Spirit of Intercession carried us to a supernatural dimension. The pastor in Syzran has an apostolic ministry and he and his wife are over a fellowship of more than twenty churches. They are my friends and son and daughter in the Gospel. From Syzran we went to Togliatti and did two of the services in a three-day conference. Prophetic ministry went to a good depth and souls came to Christ. There was a great coming of prayer and the manifest presence. Leaders were there from Siberia and it was wonderful to make new friends in Christ. From Togliatti our team flew to Moscow and then through the night east into Siberia. We arrived in Kemerova and were honored to meet a man who was a former boxing champion and gang leader in Russia who mightily serves the Lord. He is one of the few people I know in the world who is fearless in advancing the Kingdom of God in all levels of society. His church is full of young people who started to prophecy and minister alongside us with great anointing. The manifest presence was supernaturally released, resulting in intense intercession. From Kemerova we drove (!!!!!!) to our next city, Krasnoyarsk. The angels worked overtime, protecting us as we traveled at incredible speeds, dodged trucks, and had numerous close calls on our journey. Siberia's driving is much more intense and reckless than central Russia's, and that is saying something!!! In Krasnoyarsk, we had a four-service, three-day conference. God gave strong breakthrough preaching and, according to the leaders, detailed prophetic accuracy. The leaders are definitely apostolic and have birthed many works (the same is true of all the cities in which I ministered in Russia.) Many came to Christ at this conference and a deep relationship began between us and the leaders. God has given me a supernatural love for the Russian nation, its people, and, above all, its churches. My thrust is to work with Russian apostles to help raise up New Testament churches and Russian prophets and prophetic ministry. I greatly appreciate their integrity, hunger, generosity, and vision.

    I flew from Siberia back to Moscow then through Germany to Cluj, Romania, where my son pastors. I had a wonderful time of fellowship with my son and daughter-in-law and their friends and leaders. We had two days of services with them and a leadership meeting.Their churches are more healthy than ever before and tremendous growth is at hand. From Cluj I went to Baia Mare to a new church there for the first time. It is a work that has tremendous potential and also is growing. The pastor there is an innovative business man. In two of the services with them our prophetic ministry entered into a very high level and much impartation was released and souls came to Christ. 

    In Russia we preached the Word to thousands of people, prophesied over hundreds, and saw many set free and dozens come to Christ. For ten nights in a row I slept very little but was engulfed in intercession. I ministered in four cities and traveled more than 8,000 miles. The Lord was faithful to answer my prayers and your mighty prayers of intercession. In Romania, the Lord breathed life into His church, strengthened relationships, and moved by His Holy Spirit through the preaching of the word and prophetic ministry. A new generation is arising in that challenging land to build His Kingdom. 

    I am progressively coming to believe that without aggressive, believing prayer and intercession little will be done of lasting impact for the Kingdom of God. Like Moses, I know my hands are being upheld by my faithful covenant friends and intercessors. When the enemy has attacked my body, mind, relationships, finances, or household, corporate prayer has caused him to halt and for God's Kingdom to be demonstrated to us in a supernatural way. It is a tragedy that many of God's leaders and people put on a false front and don't humble themselves and ask for prayer from the right people. I have seen too many good men and women become casualties because of a lack of sufficient prayer covering, Godly counsel, and accountability. I thank God for His grace and faithfulness to provide us with all the above. 

    Please keep praying for our on-going international ministry, our family, and for His Kingdom to advance in and through us supernaturally. If we can serve you in any way or pray for you please don't hesitate to connect with us. 

    Over and out with a shout!
    Yours in the faith,
    Bill Norton, G.H.S.

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