Authentic Christianity $40.00

Living authentic Christianity is a dire necessity on the earth today. This series shares Biblical principles under the anointing of the Holy Spirit that will bring forth authentic Christianity in the lives and the ministries of believers. Many of the... more

Covenant $40.00

 The true Christian life is a covenant with God that must be lived out with fellow believers. To understand the essence of covenant is the major key to building supernatural relationships and an intimate walk with His power and presence. Our Fat... more

Fellowship $35.00

We were created to fellowship with the Lord and one another. The blood of Jesus removes all hindrances for fellowship and the Spirit of the Lord causes us to walk in the light as we respond to His word. This series of teachings under strong revelat... more

The Flowing of the Anointing $40.00

This series deals with how His life flows through His Word and His Spirit, giving us major breakthroughs.  

Inheritance of His Chosen Ones $40.00

God has an inheritance for those who respond to His Spirit's calling. In this eight part series, find keys to help you open up to God's best.

The Kingdom of God $40.00

The Kingdom of God was the major message and mission of the Lord Jesus and the apostles. To advance the King's purposes upon the earth we must have the King reigning in us and then proclaimed and demonstrated through us. The Lord desires His Kingdom ... more

The Kingdom Power & Glory $40.00

 Breakthrough Series II Here is a series that stresses the great place that God has for us in Christ: dominion through the power of the Kingdom of God. As believers understand this, and live in the power of the Holy Spirit, God's rule will... more

To Him That Overcomes $40.00

In Revelation 2 and 3, the Lord challenges His people seven times to overcome. The Lord longs, at this critical time in history, to raise up a people who will reveal His Word and truly overcome.

Prayer and Intercession II $40.00

In this series on prayer the secret place with its responsibilities, blessings and privileges are emphasized. The spirit world will open up to the believer who reigns with Christ in the heavenly places. Our mission can be fulfilled in His power and p... more

Victory $35.00

 Our Lord is a victorious Lord and He wants to raise up a victorious people. As we see, by the various people who rose to victory in His word, we can enter the same path and arise in our God and His victory!  

A Yielded Vessel $40.00

 The people that God uses must be yielded to His will and walking into His ways for their lives. This series explores God's word in the areas that point His people into their full inheritance.  The will of God and the kingdom of God a... more